Where did you last spend $29.00? Was it worth it?

Where did you last spend $29.00? Was it worth it?

Recently I took part in one of my all-time favorite activities….The Pedicure!!! For nearly an hour, I sat back and relaxed in a nice comfy chair while soaking my feet in a smoothing array of herbal lotions. As the chairs vibrating mechanism kneaded my back, I tried hard (pretended) to stay awake as my nail technician carefully beautified my somewhat ugly worn out feet.

I left there feeling rejuvenated, as if my feet had been made new!! My carefully chosen color of nail polish shined in the light and I took great care not to destroy the work by scuffing the polish. However, in just a couple days since my much needed pedicure I find that my feet are once again hardened and my polish is scuffed. My 28 (plus) dollars has nearly been wasted for a short lived pleasing experience. I’ll never get that money back and in just a couple days my feet will again be craving another pedi.

That evening as I ponder on my poor choice of investment, in the mist of doing other task, my attention was drawn to small 7 year old boy named Emmanuel. Emmanuel lives in Uganda and is not concerned with what his feet look like. No, Emmanuel has bigger dreams. I first learned about Emmanuel and others just like him through the 4 Him In Africa Ministry. One of the many things 4HIA is doing in Uganda, is connecting students with sponsors. See, in Uganda, education is not a right, nor is it free. If a child is to attend school his/her parents must be able to pay a fee. Though this fee is very minimal to many of us here in the US, it is great deal to many Ugandans. My monthly donation of $29 provides a way for Emmanuel to receive the education he deserves. It not only covers school fees, but it also pays for his school uniform, books, school supplies and one meal (which can often be the only meal). The children who are sponsored through this ministry will also attend a christian school and will learn about God each day.

So, to break it down, I pay $29.00 a month which equals $348 a year. Did you catch that??? Yes, for the same price as my short lived pedicure, I am making a wise investment into the life of a child…the life of Emmanuel.

Here’s the thing, I Am a Child of God, and so is Emmanuel. While I’m here wasting my money on meaningless events and possessions, children like Emmanuel are concerned with simply obtaining the basic necessities that I so often take for granted. Why do they (Emmanuel) deserve any less????

I want to ask that you please pray about how God can use you to make a difference for the Children of Uganda. You can find more information at 4 Him in Africa, you can also view the many children who are still in need of sponsors.

Where did you last spend $29.00? Was it worth it?

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