God Provides

God Provides

Five years ago when I was sixteen, God brought Oscar into my life. On my first trip to Uganda in 2013, after meeting him and hearing that I had the opportunity to sponsor a child, I took it and chose Oscar. I fell in love with his gentle, sweet spirit and loved the way he looked after his baby brother all the time. Even though I don’t get to see him often enough, he is so close to my heart. We get to write letters back and forth, (and I get frequent updates thanks to social media) while knowing he’s getting a loving Christian education and food every day (and now safe water thanks to S.W.I.M ministries)!

This might sound super sappy and dramatic, but I’ll be real. My last trip to Uganda my heart was so sore for this little boy, it ached. I’ve grown to love this little guy so much more and honestly he made me so sad… I cried leaving him this last trip. And of course, my heart just melted when he said he loved me in English! He is the type to often stay by himself. He’s very shy and tries not to smile, but I loved watching how he just couldn’t help it at times. Later, after returning home, the question of my sadness for him was confirmed when I found out that his father abandoned him and his family for his other wife. He’s now living on the school grounds very far from his siblings and mom, only getting to see them once a month. He doesn’t have a family to always closely be there and to love on him. His mom is now working hard in the fields to provide for the rest of her family. It broke my heart for him and his family. But! God is so good and places loving people in abandoned peoples lives! I’m very thankful for the teachers and school coordinator for their love and support for my little guy. He is safe and learning and growing and covered in prayers!


There is such a need there in Uganda in these children’s lives! I want to do more to be able to make a difference in this dark world, so this is why I’m sharing. Our lives are for the glory of Jesus! I want to see a transformation in all the nations! One way you can be apart of transformation is by choosing to sponsor a child in Uganda.

Just like the opportunity I had at sixteen to make a lifelong difference in Oscars life; I’d like to give you the opportunity to do the same!

This generation is our future, even all the way over in Africa.

And I just have to say… it’s only $29.00 a month! That’s pocket change! I’m not bragging about my little sixteen-year-old self, but if a teenager could do it all by herself without having a consistent income and having bills to pay, anyone can do it! God provides.

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