Prayers, Payers and Players

Prayers, Payers and Players

Most of us who have participated in a short-term mission trip (domestic or international) share a special bond through the feelings we experienced during the trip as well as the joy of forming relationships with people who often represent a much different culture than our own. I have been blessed to share that bond with so many people who have traveled to so many incredible places for the purpose of furthering the gospel message. That special bond, which has truly been a blessing in my life, isn’t only the connection I have enjoyed with those who have left home. It is also with those who have insured the mission was funded, as well as those who were faithful in prayer, going to the Lord on the behalf of the mission, missionary, and funding.

Once again I am working to finalize plans for another mission trip to Uganda, and once again I am in the process of recruiting those special people who will selflessly sacrifice to assure this mission ministry becomes reality. Earlier this year during some mission training I heard the phrase “The 3 P’s” which relates to missions. The 3 P’s are the “prayers”, “payers” and “players”, which make up a mission team. If I were to begin telling stories about how God has used random people in these three roles, you would hear amazing testimonies of Gods power to accomplish His plan through the obedience of His children.

Our trip will start at Lifesong Miracle Primary School where we will help by making some required improvements to the school. We will be working with a Ugandan construction crew to finish several projects. The Ugandans will be working on these projects before we get there and hopefully, we will help them finish by the time we leave. Our time there will also include a Bible study for the community, children’s ministry and some administrative meetings to improve the 4 Him in Africa Ministries school sponsorship program.

The second part of the trip will take place at a Congolese refugee camp where we have worked in the past. We will be conducting our pastor’s training, children’s ministry, women’s ministry and CPU training for providing safe drinking water at the camp. It is exciting to think that the work we do there may someday have a huge impact on the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This trip to Uganda, though with a little different agenda, will offer the same opportunity to impact the lives of many people; but more importantly, it will offer help to our brothers and sisters in Uganda who are working hard to evangelize and make disciples every day. Let me encourage you to consider which “P” will be your response to this mission.  It’s always exciting to share our agenda with our friends who have supported this ministry and to watch what happens. And this time, I am sure those of you who have partnered with us for a while will recognize that this trip is different.

These trips would not be possible if it were not for the commitment of our team members. It takes faith to commit to leaving home, family, and jobs for two weeks. Our team members must pay a 2700.00 team fee, as well as attend team meetings and often learn a new curriculum. Every team member will be required to step out of their comfort zone multiple times before, during and after the trip. Your donation, no matter what size, not only helps get the team member to Uganda but also provides valuable encouragement during this time of sacrifice for and obedience to God’s call on their life.

Blessings – Pastor Danny!

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