About Us: Our History

Our ministries history began in 2005 when we accompanied “Smile Uganda Inc.” as part of a mission team focused on training pastors for the ministry. Soon after those initial trips some of us returned to Uganda on our own to minister in the prisons and train Ugandan ministry teams to do the same. Over the course of the next few years we found that our ministry focus had shifted to include a partnership with Revival Miracle Ministries (RMM) in South Western Uganda. Soon our mission teams were involved with other RMM ministries, which included preaching in crusades, teaching bush pastors, relieving suffering, providing some basic needs, feeding children, and providing some small medical supplies. The ministry has also included teaching the gospel to children and assisting with the planting of new churches.


Soon these new churches were opening schools in their villages. The schools depended on fees from the children attending, but most families could not regularly pay the fees leaving the leaders of the schools with the decision whether to send the child home or allowing them to continue attending. Obviously the leaders could not pay the teachers if they were not receiving school fees. As the problem continued to grow it seemed that God would have us help with the situation, and from there 4 Him in Africa ministries was born. As a small non-profit we have had to overcome many obstacles and continue to do so, which means that we have had to enlist the help of other people who have a heart for the children of Uganda. The journey continues and we are confident that in time we will see a brighter future for Uganda’s children.