School Sponsorship: Why The Need

The education system in Uganda is not entirely free, which means that families have to pay for their children’s education. Unfortunately, education is not considered a right in Uganda, which makes it difficult for children from low-income families to access education. While some regions may receive government assistance, most families in rural areas cannot afford to educate their children without sponsorships.

To help address this issue, 4 Him In Africa Ministries partnered with Life Song Miracle School. Life Song Miracle School is a Christian institution that provides education with a strong emphasis on Christian values. The partnership with the ministry seeks to support children in need of education by providing school sponsorships.

By sponsoring Life Song Miracle School, donors can make a significant difference in the lives of children in need of education. The cost of sponsorship is less than a dollar a day, which makes it an affordable way to support the education of children in Uganda. Through this partnership, children who would otherwise not have access to education can receive a quality education that emphasizes Christian values.

Lifesong Miracle School