Here I am. Send me.

Here I Am. Send me.

In Isaiah 6:8 the Lord ask, “Who should I send? Who will go for Us?” the prophet Isaiah then responds, “Here I am. Send me.” Just like Isaiah, many of our friends and family here in the United States have again accepted the call to serve the Lord on mission. This fall, another group of willing individuals will leave home and travel the long journey to the country of Uganda, located in Africa. During this trip, team members will serve in such areas as pastor training and children ministries. Many of the team members will be experiencing Uganda for the first time, while a few others are little more seasoned. Fortunately, no matter what their situation, each team member has been carefully chosen by God and will each provide something very valuable to the overall mission. As always, God has orchestrated a beautiful plan! Now that the team is formed, the work begins. Over the next few weeks, team members will be busy raising funds, participating in team meetings, gathering supplies and preparing for their role. Fortunately, the team does not have to carry this load alone, nor should they. As the reader, you may not be traveling to Uganda, but that does not mean God can’t or won’t use you. Just as there must be those willing to go, there must be those willing to stay. Perhaps your gift may be to pray or encourage or even to support the mission financially.  Would you please consider supporting this upcoming mission trip? Let God use you as a sender and consider the following areas of support:

Prayer – Please pray for a safe and healthy journey as they prepare, travel, complete their mission and then return. You can start praying this very moment!   Then, if you would like, drop by our Facebook page and leave a word of encouragement to let the team know you are praying.  You can leave your message directly on this post, but only if you want to!

Financial – Each member has the task of raising the necessary funds needed to cover their travel and mission expenses. This is a large task for many and often financial support from others is needed. If you feel called to help in this way, you can make a donation to the trip.  Donations of any amount, large or small, will make a huge impact on the mission.

Please let God use you as a sender and help us spread the Good Word across the country of Uganda!! *************************************************************************************************************************************************** Donations can be sent via snail mail or electronically! Snail Mail Please send your donations to: 4 Him in Africa Ministries, Inc.    P.O. Box 1020    Elkview, WV 25071 **Please denote any designations in the memo section of the check. Electronically Donations can also be made thru both PayPay and eGiving by visiting For PayPal donations please locate the RED Donate Now button located below the top banner.2017-08-12_0955

For eGiving please scroll to the very bottom and locate the eGiving button on the left side. You do not need a login to use   eGiving, as it will allow one time donations. 2017-08-12_0956

**Please note that both PayPal and eGiving will collect a small fee from your donation once it is made. Unfortunately this is not a fee we can control. 

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