Relying on God, Not Self

Relying On God, Not Self

When I say yes to God and make the trip to Uganda, I agree to do whatever is asked of me.  I had been many times before and had worked with the children in the villages that we visited; but the trip of May 2014 was a little different.  I had been asked to teach the church leaders and teachers how to do Vacation Bible School. The thought of organizing this was a little overwhelming, but with God’s leadership and the help of a wonderful team of six willing bodies going with us, I trudged on, all the time having doubts about our success.

That was where my mistake was. It wasn’t our success that was important, it was the success of God and the work of His Spirit in the midst of it all.  And work He did!!!

Approximately 125 children gathered each day in the cow pasture that had been set aside for our VBS. They were beautiful. Each one with a smile that would melt your heart. I know that many of them came because they wanted to see the Americans, but they didn’t know the blessing God had for them was much more than that.    

Even though we worked in an open field with no shade, in 90 degree temperatures, no bathrooms, and cows wandering here and there, our blessings grew each day. The children touched our hearts while all the time God was touching theirs. We shared stories from the word of God, taught them songs (and they taught us theirs), created crafts and played games. Each day at the end of our time together we would present the gospel and pray with the children. I am blessed to say that in the short time we were with them, more than sixty young souls chose to live for Christ.

I look back and often wonder when I am going to learn to trust God in every situation. All the worry and doubt I experienced during the planning stages was for naught. God was and is in control and the VBS was a true success in every way. Leaders left knowing how and what to do during a VBS of their own, children’s lives were changed and the villages we worked in are stronger because of the work God has done.

Post by: Becky Cunningham

             Long time team member and supporter of 4HIm in Africa Ministries

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