Helping others find strength through cooperation

Helping others find strength through cooperation

During the 2013-14 drought some families left the of Ebihembe village, which is where Lifesong primary school is located. The people who left just wanted to find some place where they could grow food to eat and have water to drink. Those who remained in the area were willing to work with 4 Him in Africa by preparing and serving the donated food, which was feeding more than 400 children each day. All of us at 4 Him in Africa Ministries were excited about the cooperation between the ministry and the residents of that area, but none of us imagined it would soon develop into so much more.

On arrival in the Ebihembe village during our May 2014 mission trip I was escorted to a nearby ant hill, which was alive with activity. This activity was not coming from ants as one might expect, but rather a group of young men from the village. Pastor Simon Ntambiirwe (our host) explained that the people of the village had combined resources and bought this ant hill. It would seem that the anthill provided the type of soil needed to produce mud for bricks. The locals were busy turning this ant hill into bricks, which would be used for building additional class rooms at Lifesong School.

During the time that the people of the village had been working to feed the children they had learned that together they could accomplish much more than they could by themselves. This new sense of unity did not end at the ant hill, but was seen in many other projects including planting trees around the school, cleaning the school grounds and village, and other small building projects.

When we began the feeding project many of the people in the village did not believe we would help feed their children. It was after a few weeks that they realized we were serious and they began to respond positively. Our goal was to partner with them to feed the children during the time of drought, but it would seem that they gained much more than we could have expected.

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