Continued Pastors Training Results In Salvations and Baptisms

Continued Pastors Training Results In Salvations and Baptisms

Since 2010 4 Him in Africa Ministries Inc. has sent mission teams to Uganda twice a year. The purpose of making two trips rather than one is to step up our pastors training program. Working with Pastor Simon Ntambiirwe and Revival Miracle Ministries to train pastors has been both challenging and rewarding. Most of the pastors that we train are referred to as Bush Pastors meaning they are from the more remote areas of the country. Our hopes are to keep training pastors who will keep pushing forward with the gospel. To the glory of God we are seeing more salvations and baptisms and also new churches being planted throughout the country of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Earlier this year Pastor Ntambiirwe gathered statistics from the churches so that we can determine where we need to go next and what kind of curriculum we will take with us. Gathering the information took Pastor Ntambiirwe more than a month and required him to travel great distances moving from village to village. His report covered from January 1st up to the end of July.

Included in the report was a breakdown of salvations and baptisms by region for each month. Revival Miracle Ministries separated the churches into fourteen different regions with a director appointed to each region. We were very blessed to learn that 3082 salvations were recorded and 2438 baptisms had been celebrated.

Once we were able to look at these numbers and determine what training was given to pastors in these regions we found that the numbers of salvations were higher in the areas where we held our latest schools. In May we changed our strategy and began teaching personal evangelism to smaller groups of pastors. We also allowed time for the pastors to practice what we had taught them. The numbers of salvations for the regions where those pastors minister are higher than the areas where the pastors continue to hold crusades rather than one on one evangelism.

At the time of this report there were 246 churches associated with Revival Miracle Ministries which is nearly seventy churches more than one year ago. Because of the circumstances found in the Uganda bush it is hard to maintain an accurate count of new Churches or new Christians. For the last three years our teaching has been focused on large numbers of pastors and our curriculum was focused on a wide range of biblical topics including leadership development and church disciplines. According to pastor Ntambiirwe the pastor’s performance has improved steadily since we increased the education opportunities.

4 Him in Africa Ministries Inc. continues to seek men who are capable of teaching Uganda bush pastors. Often we find ourselves shorthanded, which means we must adjust our agenda in order to teach the curriculum we want to offer the pastors. Planning a mission trip requires much effort in preparation, which means we need a commitment from our team members as early as possible. Our mission is to continue equipping Ugandan Pastors for the work of the ministry. Our hopes are to see many more salvations to the glory of God.

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