About Us: Our Impact

4 Him in Africa has engaged the people of Uganda in several areas of ministry since 2011. We have made over six short-term mission trips. The focus of those trips include:

Prison Ministry

  • We have provided $4362 in supplies to the inmates of a women’s prison. The supplies include soap, sugar, bread, writing supplies, sports equipment, and feminine protection products.
  • We also present the gospel to the inmates and have seen many come to the Lord for salvation.

All Saints Conferences

  • 200+ people usually attend 2 to 3 days of bible training.
  • Team members present the gospel to the village children through many different activities.
  • We feed all who attend the conference, which can be between 300-400 people.
  • The cost of this daily feeding during the last six trips has been $3861.00

Crusades (outdoor revival)

  • We build a stage, rent and transport a sound system and generator.
  • Transport and house a Ugandan team (including singers) and sometimes hire local law enforcement.
  • We end the crusades with baptisms in a local body of water, which includes more than 25 new converts.
  • The cost of these crusades during the last six trips has been $10,405.00.

Pastor Conference

  • These conferences are taught as a continuation of the curriculum taught during the previous trips. This allows the pastors to complete a course of study in four different subjects.
  • Since 2011 we have seen nearly 400 pastors attend at least some part of the training.
  • Our goal was to transport those pastors that needed it, house and feed them three meals per day. We also provided necessary materials for their study.
  • The cost of the Pastor Conferences to provide much needed education has been $32,773.

Congolese Pastors Training

  • We visited the city of Uvira in The Democratic Republic of the Congo to supply biblical training to 100 Congolese pastors.
  • We fed these pastors on each of the five days of the training.
  • The cost for this training was $6700.

Ugandan Schools

  • We support one primary schools and one vocational school in Southwestern Uganda.
  • Life Song Primary School is in a new facility that we have helped fund. We provided a roof for the school as our first big project. We were also able to construct a storage building and help fund some rooms to house the teachers.
  • Mt Hope Vocational School continues to grow, adding new classes and students. We have provided equipment for the classrooms, including sewing machines used in the tailoring class. These sewing machines cost more than $900.

Ugandan Pastors

  • Transportation is a struggle for the pastors, so we have supplied two pastors with bikes, which cost $200.