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"Kim's Corner" MEET KIM

Meet Kim

Hi there!

I’m Kimberly (Kim) Thompson -

…A pastor’s wife & a mother…

I LOVE my husband passionately,

my 4 children unconditionally,

the children & people of Uganda fervently,

& my God with ALL of my heart!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and joining me here at 4 Him in Africa.

ABOUT ME & MY PLANS: Growing up I did not have a desire to “…go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), and spread the Good News of the Gospel to all those I encounter. Instead, my heart’s desire was to become a wife and a mother. That is exactly what I did. My Prince Charming and I married right after high school and are now going on our 29th year of marriage. We have 4 children (3 boys and a girl) and 5 grandchildren. I was a homeschooling mom for 17 years and loved every minute of it – even those times when I was certain my lovely children were driving me bonkers! We moved from our home state of Florida to West Virginia shortly after our daughter (our baby), married a prince of her own. Since the move, I have been learning to lean on the Lord even more as I adjust to the role of a pastor’s wife. I am now attending Liberty University Online in order to complete my degree in education. Yes, even after teaching my own children for all that time, I STILL want to be a teacher!


GOD’S PLANS: The many different titles I have held throughout these past 29 years – wife, mother, homeschool teacher, Youth Pastor’s wife, Pastor’s wife, ma-maw, “Mrs. Kim”, board member, and missionary to Uganda – are sometimes a wonder to me. Some of those titles were in “my” plans (wife, mom, &“ma-maw”), but the rest were in God’s plan and were completely unexpected!


  • Homeschool my children? Not a chance!!
  • My husband a Pastor and me a Pastor’s wife? Never could have guessed.
  • Me – a Board member with a lawyer, a doctor, a CPC, and other professionals? Not very likely.
  • Me – a Missionary to Uganda? Ok, Kim, now it’s time to quit dreaming wild dreams and wake up!!!!


Guess what?? My wildest dreams became a reality!! In all actuality, though, I never, ever dreamed I would be in love with an amazing, humble, and well-loved Pastor. I never, ever dreamed I would one day be on the board of a ministry called 4 Him in Africa and I most definitely never dreamed that I would one day travel to Uganda to share the Gospel with the people there; that I would be a part of teaching their children (and eventually women) more about the Lord; that the Lord would allow me to witness a multitude of villagers and children come to Him for His Salvation.


At first, I thought I had to be crazy. I must have been mistaken when I felt the Lord had called me to this, Right? Me? The woman who was always tongue tied when I had to speak to people I didn’t know. God wanted ME to go halfway around the world and share Him with strangers? Nope. He had to have mistaken me for someone else!!  But you know what? He wasn’t mistaken. He never is.


GOD’S BLESSINGS: I listened to Him and the moment I stepped onto Uganda soil for the first time, I knew that that was EXACTLY where He wanted me to be at that time!! Within just a couple of days, my heart was sold out for the people of Uganda (especially the children). I couldn’t imagine never going back. I recently returned from my 7th trip to Uganda & I have to tell you – I still feel just as strongly and passionately about Uganda as I did the very first time.


GOD’S VESSEL: Through my blog, my desire is to touch your heart, to inspire you, to encourage you, and possibly to motivate you to step out in faith in whatever way the Lord may direct.  Whether it be as a child’s sponsor, a prayer partner, a financial partner, and yes, even as a missionary (if God can put someone like me in that role, I KNOW He can put you there too) you too can be a part of the spectacular way God is working and moving in the country of Uganda.  I have been both humbled and blessed by the Lord allowing me to play even a small part of what He is doing over there and I am now equally humbled and blessed by the opportunity to share those blessings and experiences with you!


I look forward to traveling this road with you, and my prayer and desire is that through my writings, God will stir inside you as He did in my life many years ago, and that this stirring will lead to a deep and long lasting desire to partner with 4 Him In Africa as we strive to bring “hope and help” in Jesus name.

– Kim


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