In The Beginning

In the Beginning

Good Morning & Welcome Back!

As I was sitting here this morning thinking about just how I would like to start sharing my passion for Uganda with you, and my initial involvement with those with 4 Him In Africa, it came to me to simply start from the beginning.

I’d like to take you through those first trips and continue on through the journey to the present. Going through my journals, I have so many stories I’d love to share with you. Stories of the children that will touch you, that will encourage you, and stories that reveal the wonderful works of God in Uganda.  Before we begin on Uganda soil, though, I’d like to take a moment to share how God brought me there.

Phillip (my wonderfully patient husband) and I began taking our youth group up to West Virginia on mission trips. It was during our first trip that we met Danny and Becky Cunningham (who quickly became very dear friends). They had recently returned from a trip to Uganda and as they were describing their travels with us, I felt strongly that I was meant to go. Phillip was not so easily convinced. His answer was a resounding “No way.” I knew when he put his foot down that he meant it, so I did all that I was able to do about it at the time. I prayed and I prayed and I prayed. For seven years. When a member of our church family and good friend, Sandy Fleming, managed to connect with Danny and take part in a mission, I can tell you it was more than a little difficult to keep quiet around Phillip!!  Of course, I dropped lots of hints. Lots of them. When it seemed as if I would never have an opportunity actually step foot on Uganda soil, Phillip came home and said he felt we were being called to go and the next trip was in less than three months!

On February 24, 2011, armed with shot records, passports, luggage, and an excitement that I could barely contain, we boarded an airplane – final destination: Entebbe, Uganda! 30 hours later we stepped onto Uganda soil for the first time and my life has never been the same since!

Each time I open my journal for that first trip, I am taken right back to that day that God answered my prayers. I am still amazed that He saw fit to allow me to play a small part in what He is doing in Uganda, but even more than that, I am constantly amazed at the love and devotion so many of the Ugandans have for Him in spite of their circumstances.  Through 4 Him In Africa, we can all play a small role in that, and I hope you will act on helping if you are feeling led to do so.

I am looking forward to sitting here with you next time over a cup of morning coffee as I tell you about an amazing Ugandan school/orphanage, and introduce you to  Albert, a young man from a Muslim family who chose to follow Christ in spite of the fact the he would be persecuted in a big way.

Until then….Blessings!

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