Could I have been so joyful and so thankful to God had I been in Albert’s shoes?


Good Morning!

I’m so glad you could join me again! Last time we were together, I touched on the beginning of my involvement in 4 Him In Africa Ministries. One thing I would like to stress is how God’s Hand has always been in the center of it all. I was reminded of that on the very first day we were in Uganda. When we envision ourselves going on a mission trip, whether it be to Uganda, Cuba, China – or wherever the Lord puts us – we see ourselves reaching out to the needy and giving them hope, we see ourselves going out and spreading the message of Christ, and we even see ourselves relieving their suffering. What we fail to see is just how much of a blessing they will be to us. How humbling the experience will be, and how much God will teach us through them.

That first day we went to the Divine Secondary School. An orphanage/school that the Ministry works with. Molly (the incredible woman who opens her heart up to so many children) took us on a tour of the school where we were introduced to the 33 little ones living in her home, along with the older students who she was working hard at making sure they received an education, along with shelter and a deep love for the Lord. It was heartbreaking. Some of the children’s parents had died of AIDS and were being tested themselves, some were found abandoned on the streets for various reasons, and one particular young man, Albert, had been thrown out of his Muslim home because he had found Christ and refused to deny Him when he was threatened by his father.

Albert always had the biggest smile on his face and just shone with the joy of the Lord in spite of the circumstances he had found himself in. His father beat him and kicked him and his mother out of the home, warned the villagers not to feed, clothe, or give them shelter, eventually putting a “hit” out on Albert. Somehow he found Molly’s school (of course, it wasn’t by chance) and she took him in. She was able to get the hit removed and he was doing nothing but giving praise and thanks to the Lord, spreading joy to all those around him. Today, Albert is running his own Christian school, reaching out to those in need with a tremendous youth program.

When I reflected on that day as I was writing in my journal, I realized that I was ashamed. Could I have been so joyful and so thankful to God had I been in Albert’s shoes? Yes, he was now rescued from the life he had been subjected to, but in addition to being thankful, he was also praising God for putting allowing him to go through the very difficult times. He had confidence that the Lord would bring him through it and He did.

What a humbling experience to realize that the Lord had to use a young man living in an orphanage in Uganda to make me see how I had failed Him. It was an amazingly blessed one, too!! I was not just on this trip to be a part of what the Lord was doing in Uganda, I was here because He wanted me to grow deeper in my faith in Him!!!

There are so many more experiences and children I am anxious to share with you. Please join me next time as we continue our journey together.

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